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What people say about Right 2 Know Organic Vegetable Box scheme.

“Having a veg box has changed the way I shop. It saves me money as I’m not popping to the supermarket every 5 minutes”        SD Winslow 

“Getting the box is like Christmas every week, you never know what you are getting it’s a lovely surprise”                              RB Buckingham

 “I like the fact that the farmer is getting a fair deal and using less  chemicals”                                                  SB Padbury

 “My husband says he’s “never felt so healthy” since we’ve had the veg box. We are eating virtually a vegetarian diet and with the recipe suggestions we have not missed meat at all”                                         JB Steeple Claydon

 “The on the vine tomatoes are fabulous, they taste like the ones my granny used to grow”                                                       RB Bletchley

 “Since we have had a box my children eat much more variety of fruit and vegetable”                                                  SD Milton Keynes

“ The flavour is vastly superior to supermarket vegetables, especially the carrots and tomatoes” JP Syresham

“ Its so nice to always have something in you can make a meal out of on busy school days”                                                 HD  Tingewick

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