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We are an Organic Fruit & Vegetable box Company based in North Buckinghamshire. We have been sourcing Organic Fruit & Vegetables fresh from the farm for 5 years. We established Right 2 Know in 2002 to deliver to your door fresh Local Organic Fruit & veg, and Organic & Bio-dynamic wines. 

We do this because exposure to toxins and pesticides in the environment is at an unprecedented level. Many of these are bio-accumulative ( accumulating permanently in the body), and are impossible to eliminate. Therefore change the things you can control. This is important for everyone, and particularly important for babies, children, the sick and elderly, pregnant women, and anyone immune compromised. You should be aware that it is perfectly legal for items on Supermarket shelves to claim to be "natural" even when only 1% is natural. 

Click here for our natural health practice.
How do we achieve such competitive prices?

The aim with all our products is to get the best value for money each week. To keep prices down we pack all the boxes identically. We endeavour to accommodate you by swapping in an alternative if you really donít want a particular item. We would be happy to discuss your requirements on 01280 822050.

We source our Organic vegetables from local farms some with as little as 30 acres. We like to support their production by placing regular orders. This enables continuity for the Farmer and price advantage to the customer.
Any imported Organic fruit is intended to supplement our locally grown fruits, not replace them. 
We minimise packaging by supplying in cardboard boxes. Please leave out for collection with your next box.

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